05 March 2019

Suggested Changes to Midwifery Unit Latest Blow to Withybush Hospital

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has responded critically to reports that yet again Withybush Hospital will see services reduced.

Commenting on the reports that the Midwife-Led Unit at Withybush Hospital will change from a 24-hour service to a daytime only service, Paul Davies said “If this is true then this is just another example of services at Withybush Hospital being downgraded. It will be yet another blow to the people of Pembrokeshire who have consistently opposed services being eroded at Withybush Hospital.”


21 February 2019

‘Pembrokeshire is the loser again in next phase of fibre roll-out’ says Paul Davies AM

PEMROKESHIRE has been snubbed again by the Welsh Government and Openreach.

Figures released showing the number of households in Wales that will benefit from phase 2 of the Superfast Cymru scheme indicate that only a meagre 375 properties in Pembrokeshire will benefit from the second part of the roll-out.

This means Pembrokeshire is at the bottom of the list again for the number of houses to benefit from Phase 2, at twentieth out of 22 counties.

The disappointing announcement comes against a backdrop of Pembrokeshire being eighteenth out of 22 counties in Wales on a list of houses already benefiting from superfast speeds.


Underfunded health care inspectorate is being stifled, says Welsh Conservative leader

No lessons have been learned after years of Welsh health care failings, as Paul Davies AM urges the First Minister to give inspectorate more power.

First Minister Mark Drakeford AM was asked today to defend the way the Welsh Government’s health care monitoring body, Health Inspectorate Wales, is run.

The poorly-funded body receives less funding than any other Welsh inspectorate, with a meagre £3.5million backing compared with £13m for Care Inspectorate Wales, and £11.3m for schools inspectorate ESTYN.


20 February 2019

Paul Davies AM welcomes Cleddau Reach Primary School to the Assembly

Paul is pictured with pupils from Cleddau Reach Primary School.Paul Davies AM is used to being quizzed by politicians in the Welsh Assembly, but last week he met his match in the form of a group of schoolchildren from Preseli Pembrokeshire.

The class of pupils, teachers and helpers travelled to Cardiff, and they were taken on a tour around the Welsh Assembly building before Paul hosted a question and answer session with them.

The Assembly offers a wonderful opportunity for children from across Wales to visit and to see the institution in operation and receive a lesson from a qualified teacher based in the on site learning classroom.


12 February 2019

‘You have pushed schools to crisis point’: Welsh Conservative Leader backs teachers pleading for better management of education budget

Paul Davies AM confronted the First Minister earlier today as he stood up for the exasperated Association of School and College Leaders, who have been driven to publish an open letter to Minister for Education Kirsty Williams, pleading for a better deal for schools across the country.

The First Minister faced questions from Mr Davies in the chamber about the damning letter, which today described a ‘severe funding crisis’ in Welsh schools. Mr Davies demanded answers on why schools aren’t being equipped with the resources needed to support the next generation of learners.

Schools across Wales have struggled for decades under Labour-led Governments, with the situation reaching a crisis-point in the eyes of education experts.


06 February 2019

Paul Davies AM meets the Local Pembrokeshire Branch of the National Autistic Society

Paul is pictured with Branch Officers from the Pembrokeshire Branch of the National Autistic Society.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met the local Pembrokeshire Branch of the National Autistic Society.

Branch Officers from Pembrokeshire travelled to Cardiff last month to listen to the debate on the Autism (Wales) Bill. They were very frustrated and angry that the Bill was defeated by the Welsh Labour Led Government and felt that their representations and concerns were ignored by the ruling party.

Paul Davies stated, ‘I was pleased to meet with the local NAS branch and I took the opportunity to thank them for the brilliant work they do on behalf of people living with autism and their families in Pembrokeshire.


05 February 2019

‘The people of Wales have waited long enough’: Paul Davies quizzes First Minister for relief road answers

Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies AM has urged the First Minister to stop ‘dithering’ over the M4 relief road, as the Welsh Labour leader admits he is yet to read inquiry findings.

Mr Davies has shone a light over the Welsh Government’s inability to make a decision over the future of the M4 relief road, despite having access to the findings of a £44million inquiry for months.

His question to the First Minister today (5th February), came in the week after 90 Welsh businesses wrote to Mark Drakeford AM, seeking urgent clarification on the issue of the relief road.


31 January 2019

Corbynite First Minister to use Wales as lab test for prisoner votes

The new First Minister of Wales, Corbyn supporter Mark Drakeford, has said his government wants to give all prisoners the vote in Assembly and local elections.

In a Welsh Assembly debate today, the Welsh Labour-led Government – which includes the only Liberal Democrat AM amongst it – and Plaid Cymru called for all prisoners to have the right to vote.

Although the result of the debate is non-binding, the Welsh Government’s explicit support – evident in their own amendment – has set Wales on a path towards giving prisoners which include murderers, rapists, terrorists, and paedophiles the right to elect AMs and councillors.


29 January 2019

Welsh Government must act to ensure horrors of Holocaust aren’t forgotten, says Paul Davies AM

Welsh Conservative Leader Paul Davies AM this afternoon quizzed the First Minister over shocking statistics showing that one in 20 people in the UK don’t believe the Holocaust really happened.

The research from the Holocaust Memorial Trust coupled with further statistics from the Anti-Semitism Policy Trust show that Wales is falling behind when it comes to awareness of the Holocaust, as well as tolerance of different races and religions.

Mr Davies asked First Minister Mark Drakeford AM how far the Government’s new guidelines for schools will go to address the education of young people on this vital topic. He asked: “Are you confident that learning about the Holocaust and the consequences of religious or ethnic genocide are given enough emphasis in Wales’ new curriculum?”


24 January 2019

Paul Davies Signs Holocaust Book of Commitment

Paul is pictured signing the Holocaust Book of Commitment.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has signed the Holocaust Book of Commitment which honours the victims of the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the wonderful work carried out to educate young people of the event of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

Mr Davies said, ‘This year’s Holocaust Memorial Day Theme is ‘The Power of Words’ and is a reminder of how words can make such a difference, both for good and for evil in all our communities.

I was honoured to write a message in the Holocaust Book of Commitment in the Senedd. The Holocaust was one of the very bleakest times in human history and we must take the time to think about the six million Jewish lives lost, as well as the millions who were killed in subsequent genocides. It is essential that we commit to strengthen our resolve to continue to fight hatred and intolerance in all aspects of our lives.


Furious Welsh Conservatives slam Government ‘tribalism’ for holding Wales back

The Welsh Government has voted down a second Private Members Bill in a week, leading to a furious reaction from the Welsh Conservative Party.

Welsh Conservative AM – Darren Millar – slammed the Welsh Governments ‘tribalism’ as a key contributor to its failings in Wales, and described its rigid approach to politics as ‘comparative of an authoritarian regime’.

Last week the Welsh Government voted against Assembly Member Paul Davies’ private bill which aimed to ensure increased support for autistic people of all ages, by addressing issues such as health and social services, educational outcomes, access to housing, and employment. This week’s Bill was proposed by Mr Millar, and was designed to ensure that older people in Wales were protected, promoted and respected by public sector decision makers. The Bill was backed by the Older People’s Commissioner, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Age Cymru, Age Connects, and the Cymru Older People’s Alliance, amongst others.


22 January 2019

Government tribalism ‘paralysing’ Welsh Assembly

The Welsh Government’s ‘hard-line tribalism’ is paralysing the legislature in Wales, according to the Welsh Conservatives.

The claims were made by Welsh Conservative Leader - Paul Davies AM – during First Minister’s questions.

Paul Davies AM slammed the Welsh Government’s approach to last week’s vote on the proposed Autism Bill, which Mr Davies himself had put forward to the Assembly. He called the outcome of the vote a ‘disgrace’ which was caused by ‘tribalism for tribalism’s sake’.


21 January 2019

Local AM Impressed by Visit to St David’s Care in the Community

Paul Davies AM with residents and staff of St David’s Care in the Community at their current art exhibition at Oriel y Parc, St David’s.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with a number of residents who are supported by St David’s Care in the Community. Mr Davies visited two of the six homes in the St David’s area which is run by the organisation. In addition, the local Assembly Member viewed art work created by residents, which is currently being exhibited at The Round Tower at Oriel y Parc, St David’s.

Commenting on his visit to St David’s, Mr Davies said “I was delighted to meet a number of residents and visit their homes at Fairfield and Anghorfa Dawel. Creative arts, and activities in the open air, such as gardening, are amongst a whole range of pursuits that residents can take part in, and it was clear to me how much the residents enjoyed this. It was also wonderful to see the close interaction between residents living at the different homes, and indeed the part that residents play in the day-to-day life of St David’s”


16 January 2019

Welsh Conservatives urge Welsh Labour-led Government to back Autism Bill

The National Assembly for Wales will today debate the general principles of the Autism (Wales) Bill, proposed by Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies AM, but Welsh Government opposition threatens to block it.

The purpose of the Bill – developed alongside the National Autistic Society – is to provide people with autism in Wales a statutory right to receive timely services that can meet their needs and work to improve understanding of the condition.

Mr Davies, who is leading the Bill’s passage through the Assembly, is aiming to bring forward specific autism legislation that already exists in England and Northern Ireland.


15 January 2019

Calls for First Minister apology over farmer data leak

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives today called on the First Minister to apologise to those farmers that were affected by a confidential data leak.

Paul Davies AM called the data leak an ‘inexcusable oversight’ which ‘demanded’ answers.

Earlier this year the Welsh Government blamed an “administrative error” for the mistake which saw personal data being published in response to a freedom of information request. It prompted fears the farms could be targeted by activists and led officials to "urgently review" procedures.


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