April 2017

13 April 2017

Local AM backs campaign to stop online abuse of rural communities

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting the Countryside Alliance’s Thunderclap campaign targeted at combating the online abuse and bullying of people from the countryside. The campaign calls on social media platforms to take online threats seriously and take action by standing up to those who incite hatred and violence.

Mr Davies said, “I’m pleased to support such an important campaign. The growth of social media in recent years has developed more opportunities for people to be threatened and it’s important that action is taken to protect individuals from abuse online. People working and living in rural communities do not speak up against online threats often enough and we must work together to address that problem and encourage people to come forward. No one should be subjected to bullying and intimidation online and so I urge the people of Pembrokeshire to stand together and support the Countryside Alliance’s thunderclap campaign.”


12 April 2017

Local AM Supports #YoungLivesVsCancer Campaign

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting a campaign led by CLIC Sargent to better support children and young people who are diagnosed with cancer and their families. The CLIC Sargent campaign is calling for more national patient experience data and for a review of the financial support available for young cancer patients and their parents.

Mr Davies said, “It’s heart-breaking that three in five (61%) parents had accumulated some form of debt as a result of their child’s cancer diagnosis and that one in six (17%) has borrowed over £5,000. It’s unfair that families across Wales are facing unnecessary stress and anxiety by having to worry about their finances when a child or young person is fighting cancer. I’m happy to support calls to review the financial support available to families during cancer treatments and I sincerely hope that the Governments across the UK will work with the third sector and other stakeholders to address this issue as a matter of urgency.”


11 April 2017

Paul Davies Meets with Cohousing Hafan Lâs

Paul is pictured with Jan Waite and Eleanor Clegg.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently met with representatives of cohousing Hafan Lâs to discuss proposals for an intended eco-cohousing community in Pembrokeshire. The group’s aim is to establish low-impact, affordable homes with at least a third of the residents over the age of 50, in order to promote multigenerational living.

Mr Davies said, “It was a real pleasure to meet Jan and Eleanor from Hafan Lâs to discuss cohousing in Pembrokeshire. The group’s proposals are affordable, environmentally sound and innovative. The cohousing community would also house a real mix of people from all ages, creating a truly cohesive community, where everyone works together to manage the area.”


04 April 2017

Post-EU support for Welsh farmers must be ring-fenced, say Welsh Conservatives

The Prime Minister’s recent speech outlining the UK Government’s plans for leaving the EU rightly emphasised the importance of engaging with the devolved nations throughout the process.

Throughout the negotiations there will inevitably be discussions around the future of the powers which will be repatriated from the European Union once we have left, and decisions on the transfer of those responsibilities will have to be taken in collaboration with devolved administrations – not independently of them.


03 April 2017

Rural school closures have “ripped heart out of communities”, says AM

School closures have “damaged the economy of rural Wales” and “ripped the heart from local communities”, according to an Assembly Member.

The statement – from Welsh Conservatives’ Shadow Education Secretary Darren Millar AM - comes in response to newly released figures from the Welsh Labour-led Government which show that since 1999, 224 local authority maintained schools have been closed with rural areas worst affected.

Data drawn from the Schools Register show that Carmarthenshire has closed 26 schools since the establishment of the Assembly in 1999 – the largest number of all Wales’ 22 local authorities.


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