20 December 2017

Festive Wishes from your Local AM

As Christmas fast approaches, local Assembly Member Paul Davies has extended his festive wishes to the people of Pembrokeshire.

Mr Davies said, “2017 has been a very busy and interesting year for Pembrokeshire. This year brought the enthronement of the Rt. Revd Joanna Penberthy, elected as the 129th Bishop of St David’s and Wales’ first female Bishop.”

“2017 also changed the face of our local politics, following the local elections in May, which delivered some big changes to Pembrokeshire County Council – and 2017 was also the year that St David’s tirelessly campaigned to become City of Culture. Now, whilst that bid was not successful, Pembrokeshire was once again on the map, broadcasting itself as a County of cultural significance and importance.”


Paul Davies Attends My Smile Dental Centre’s 10th Anniversary

Paul is pictured with Mr and Mrs Adegbesan.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended the 10th anniversary celebration of My Smile Dental Centre in Milford Haven. Mr Davies attended the event alongside local representatives to celebrate the success of the practice and to hear more about how it’s serving the people of Milford Haven and the surrounding communities.

Mr Davies said: “It was a pleasure to attend the 10th anniversary of the My Smile Centre. It’s great to see the practice going from strength to strength and diligently serving those living in the local area. I sincerely wish the practice the very best of luck for the future – and I look forward to celebrating the next ten years!”


19 December 2017

Pembrokeshire Assembly Members join forces to “make the invisible visible”

Pembrokeshire’s two Assembly Members, Paul Davies and Angela Burns joined forces last week in the National Assembly to support Crohns and Colitis UK’s “Make the invisible visible” campaign.

Crohns and Colitis are the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease which affects around 300,000 people across the UK. Its symptoms often include chronic fatigue, extreme diarrhoea and dramatic weight loss. However due to social attitudes and no obvious visible signs it is often regarded as an invisible illness.


08 December 2017

Local AM Supports 16 Days of Activism Campaign

Paul has pledged his support to the NUS Wales 16 Days of Activism Campaign.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting a campaign led by the National Union of Students to help end gender based violence in Wales. Sadly, figures from the NUS show that every ten minutes, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence and every week, more than two Women in England and Wales are killed by a partner or ex-partner. Mr Davies is backing the NUS Wales’ 16 Days of Activism Campaign, which pledges to raise awareness of gender based violence in all its forms by encouraging people to talk more openly about their experiences.

Mr Davies said: “I’m helping to do all I can to raise awareness of gender based violence, by encouraging people to speak out about their experiences and help break the stigma. It’s so important that we create safe and non-judgmental environments for people to come forward and talk about the abuse they’ve faced or witnessed. Violence and abuse is not acceptable in our society and so it’s crucial that we do all that we can to lift the shame from those affected by gender based violence and shift the blame from them to their perpetrators.”


30 November 2017

Conflict of Interest: First Minister blocks inquiry into bullying accusations against his government

Welsh First Minister – Carwyn Jones – has effectively blocked a cross-party inquiry into bullying allegations levelled at his own government.

Carwyn Jones has been accused of “an insult to Welsh democracy” after he whipped Labour AMs to block a motion debated in the National Assembly.

Welsh Conservatives had submitted a motion urging AMs to instruct the Assembly’s ‘Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister’ to look into allegations by former members and advisers to Carwyn Jones’ Welsh Labour Government.


28 November 2017

Local AM on Purple Alert to change the future for people affected by pancreatic cancer in Preseli Pembrokeshire

Paul is supporting the purple pancreatic cancer campaign.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has pledged to get on Purple Alert for pancreatic cancer to help transform the lives of people affected by pancreatic cancer in Preseli Pembrokeshire. At a Pancreatic Cancer UK drop-in event at the Welsh parliament, Mr Davies heard that just 7 per cent of people diagnosed with the disease in Wales will survive for five years or more, and that there has been very little improvement in survival since the early 1970s. 80 per cent of people with pancreatic cancer are diagnosed at an advanced stage, when there are very few treatment options and the one potentially life-saving treatment of surgery is not possible. The charity says that unless urgent action is taken now, pancreatic cancer will become the fourth biggest cancer killer by 2026.


22 November 2017

Paul Davies Meets Autism Friendly Hairdresser

L-R - Andrew Edwards (Owner of Freestyle Barbers, Haverfordwest), Paul Davies AM, Jack Martin (Freestyle Barbers) and Dafydd.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently met with Andrew Edwards, the owner of Freestyle Barbers in Haverfordwest, who has been helping raise awareness of autism by offering free haircuts to children with autism. Mr Davies is currently developing an Autism Bill which aims to address gaps in autism provision across the country, as well as giving autism a proper statutory identity.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to meet Andrew Edwards and hear all about the fantastic awareness raising that he’s been doing lately. It’s great that Freestyle Barbers have been making their shop as autism-friendly as possible and have even offered free haircuts to children with autism. This is a great example of how by taking little steps, we can make our society a little more autism-friendly. I thoroughly commend Andrew and his team on their fantastic work.”


Local AM Backs Freedom from Fear campaign

Paul is pictured with representatives of USDAW at their Freedom from Fear campaign at the Assembly.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting a campaign led by the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) to highlight and prevent violence, threats and abuse against shop workers. As part of Respect for Shopworkers Week, the theme this year is 'Keep Your Cool at Christmas' and seeks to highlight the rising tension levels in stores during the Christmas shopping period, especially during the increasingly busy Black Friday sales, whilst reinforcing the message that abuse is not part of the job.

Mr Davies said, “I’m pleased to support the Freedom from Fear campaign and show my support for shop workers across Pembrokeshire. It’s absolutely essential that retail workers are not subject to violence or intimidation in the workplace. The USDAW campaign highlights a number of ways in which people can be safer at work, including reviewing current procedures and reporting incidents. Sadly, too many people still face intimidation in the workplace and it’s crucial that we work together to highlight this problem, so that employers can start taking real action against it.”


17 November 2017

Paul Davies Endorses British Legion’s New Service Children guide

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has endorsed the Royal British Legion’s new best practice guide on supporting service children in schools in Wales. The guide aims to improve the provision of education to Service children by highlighting the issues of most concern to
Service pupils and their families and providing examples of best practice across the country. One of the schools promoted in the guide is Prendergast primary school, which runs a MKC Heroes club after school for Service children in conjunction with the school’s MoD keyworker.

Mr Davies said, “I’m pleased to endorse the Royal British Legion’s new Service children guide and I’m delighted that Prendergast school has been cited as an example of best practice. It’s absolutely crucial that children of serving Armed Forces personnel have access to the help and services they may need, due to the unique challenges that they may face.”


Local AM Backs Time to Change Wales campaign

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting the new Time to Change Wales campaign for young people. The campaign, #WeCanWeWill aims to engage 14-25 year olds across Wales in a conversation about mental health. It’s understood that one in ten young people will be affected by mental health problems - that’s three people in the average classroom. The campaign encourages young people to come forward and talk about their mental health, thereby bringing everyone together in a bid to end stigma and discrimination.

Mr Davies said, “I’m pleased to give my support to such an important campaign. It’s crucial that we engage more with young people about mental health issues and the impact that some of these issues could have on them and the people around them. The #WeCanWeWill campaign is a great way to bring people together to talk about their experiences and I urge all young people in Pembrokeshire to get involved by joining the movement at http://themovement.timetochangewales.org.uk/


16 November 2017

Local AM Attends Future of Diabetes Report Launch

L-R - Volunteer Sarah Gibbs, Local AM Paul Davies and Dr Sam Rice.Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently attended the launch of a report on the future of diabetes. The report highlights a number of actions that can be taken to better support people living with diabetes across Wales, including more support for emotional and psychological health, better access to technology and treatments and more widely available information and education.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to attend the launch of the Diabetes UK report on the future of diabetes services. There are some very interesting technology advances for people living with diabetes, including flash glucose monitoring and it’s crucial that this technology reaches everyone who needs it.”


14 November 2017

Red Tape hitting Conwy mussel harvesters

There are claims today from Conwy mussel gatherers that ‘red tape’ is threatening to wipe out their cottage industry.

The status of Conwy mussels is protected like some of the best food and wine, such as Champagne or Italian prosciutto ham. But gatherers are now being told that they must use licensed boats to harvest the shellfish – a new move by Welsh Government that gatherers say shouldn’t apply to them, as they’re not fishing.

The changes stem from a lapsed piece of legislation in 2008 – The Conwy Mussel Fishery Order 1948 – which left the industry in “limbo”, according to Welsh Government officials.


13 November 2017

Last Chance to Have Your Say on Proposed Autism Bill

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member is encouraging as many people as possible to come forward and have their say on the proposed Autism (Wales) Bill, before the consultation deadline ends on November 20th. The experiences and feedback from service users and stakeholders is crucial in ensuring that the Bill understands the current situation in Wales and delivers real improvements for the future.

Mr Davies said, “The deadline for the consultation period of my Autism Bill is fast approaching and I hope that before we reach the 20th November, as many people as possible feed in their experiences of autism so that we can make this Bill the strongest that it can possibly be. I really am here to listen and learn from the experiences of those living with autism. Therefore, it’s essential that people living with autism make their views known before the Bill’s consultation deadline. The Bill has the potential to deliver real improvements to the lives of people living with autism and so together, let’s work to create a Bill that’s as robust and effective as possible.”


Local AM Visits Writemedia

Paul is pictured with Steve & Dilys Penney.Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member recently visited Writemedia, a local software company that has developed a digital program for PE in secondary schools - The Gym Matrix. The program has already been piloted in Ysgol Dyffryn Taf in Whitland and it’s hoped that as the program is fast gaining interest in England, it will also reach more schools across Wales too. Writemedia are also launching a Matrix Mini program for primary schools.

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “It was a real pleasure to visit Writemedia and learn more about their operations. Their digital program for secondary schools is very impressive and I sincerely hope that more and more schools will have access to it in the future. It’s great to see a local business working on a range of local, national and international projects and I look forward to hearing more about the company going from strength to strength in the future.”


26 October 2017

Paul Davies AM urges households to ‘Keep a Step Ahead of Winter’

Paul is pictured supporting the British Gas “Stay Warm This Winter” campaign.New research from British Gas has highlighted that having no heating or hot water would be the number one disaster for households in Wales this winter. Even so, many people in Pembrokeshire have not taken action to ensure their homes are winter-ready. Despite the autumn chill, a national survey shows that more than a third of households (39%) in Wales have not checked that their central heating is working and four in ten have not prepared their home for winter by getting their boiler serviced.

That same research showed that only a third of people (33%) in Wales have checked that their carbon monoxide alarm is working and that whilst four in ten households in Wales acknowledge that technology could help their home to run more smoothly during winter, just under a third (32%) have smart meters.


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