November 2016

29 November 2016

Paul Davies Supports White Ribbon Day

L-R: Sgt Catrin Thomas, Paul Davies AM, Jenny Hart (Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator), Vicky Glanville (Spectrum Officer), PC Trish Dixon, Mr Phil HartLocal Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event to show his support for International White Ribbon Day (25th November) and help the campaign to end violence against women. Mr Davies attended the local event at Tesco in Haverfordwest wearing a white ribbon, and signed a pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.

Mr Davies said: “I’m pleased to support this very important cause and do all that I can to help the campaign to end violence against women. We all have a duty to make our communities a better place and educate our children and young people that violence is never the answer.”


21 November 2016

Pembrokeshire Politicians Oppose Further Paediatrics Downgrading

Pembrokeshire Assembly Members Paul Davies and Angela Burns have expressed their anger and frustration at the news that Hywel Dda University Health Board plans to reduce the hours of the paediatric ambulatory care unit (PACU) at Withybush Hospital by another four hours a day. The changes would see the service open daily from 10am to 6pm instead of 10am-10pm.

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “I’m extremely angry that the local Health Board are making plans to reduce the number of hours that the paediatric ambulatory care unit will be open at Withybush Hospital. Only a few weeks ago the Cabinet Secretary for Health made it clear in the Assembly Chamber that local families are being assured that they can continue to access services as they do now and do not need to make changes in how they access care. Well clearly the Welsh Government needs a much more robust dialogue with the Hywel Dda health board because that’s not the message that’s being heard in Pembrokeshire. Any further changes to this service would be catastrophic and the Welsh Government should urgently intervene to address this matter once and for all.”


16 November 2016

Paul Davies Attends Parkinson’s Pierhead reception

Paul is pictured with local constituents Valerie George and Anne Johnson.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by Parkinson’s UK, to discuss increasing access to therapeutic services for people with Parkinson’s. Mr Davies met with local constituents Valerie George and Anne Johnson who discussed the local activity of the Pembrokeshire Parkinson’s branch and the need for more financial support to help the branch deliver its treatments and activities.

Mr Davies said: “I was delighted to attend the Parkinson’s Pierhead event and learn more about the patches in provision across the Hywel Dda health board area. It’s estimated that 299 people have Parkinson’s in Pembrokeshire and it’s crucial that we do all that we can to ensure that they have access to the treatments, support and services that they need.


14 November 2016

Paul Davies Raises Concerns over Lloyds Bank Closures

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has expressed his disappointment at the news that Lloyds Banking Group are set to close three branches across Pembrokeshire, of the forty nine branches earmarked for closure across the UK.

Mr Davies said: “I’m very disappointed and frustrated that Lloyds Bank have decided to close three branches in Preseli Pembrokeshire, which I believe is wholly disproportionate to the number of nationwide closures. These banks are a lifeline for many people living in and around those communities and their closure will have a devastating impact on local high streets.”


10 November 2016

Response to BVA President's comments on Bovine TB

Responding to the British Veterinary Association President’s comments on Bovine TB, shadow rural affairs secretary, Paul Davies AM, has said:

“Labour’s failure to put the necessary measures in place to tackle the scourge of Bovine TB continues to have a huge impact on our rural communities - both emotionally and economically.

“To date, the action taken has not gone far enough in eradicating this awful disease and we hope this latest intervention by Dr Neil Paton is given serious consideration by the Welsh Government.


08 November 2016

Paul Davies Raises Concerns over Brawdy Closure

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has expressed his disappointment at the news that Brawdy’s Cawdor Barracks will close in eight years. Cawdor Barracks is one of 50 sites that the Ministry of Defence is planning to dispose of between now and 2040.

Mr Davies said: “I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated that the UK Government has decided to close Cawdor Barracks in 2024 as part of its Defence Estate plans. The soldiers of Cawdor barracks and their families are a huge support to our local economy and it’s crucial that Governments at all levels carefully monitor the effect of this decision on Pembrokeshire’s local economy.”


Local AM to discuss Goodwick GP Situation with Health Board and Local Practice

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is due to meet with representatives from Hywel Dda University Health Board and the local surgery, following the news that a local GP will no longer be providing services at the surgery.

Mr Davies said: “I’ve been contacted by local residents who are rightly concerned about the GP services on offer at their local surgery and it’s absolutely crucial that everything possible is done to ensure that the same level of services are provided. This is a serious matter and steps must now be taken to ensure that appointments are made available to local people, so that they can receive a diagnosis and receive treatment as soon as possible. I will be meeting with local health board officials and the local surgery in due course, with a view to resolving this matter quickly so that the practice can get back to delivering local health services in Goodwick.”


04 November 2016

Paul Davies Meets with Local Friends of the Earth Group

(L-R) John Shrouder, Eleanor Clegg, Local AM Paul Davies, Robbie Coles, Bettina Becker.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently met with Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth to discuss a range of environmental issues happening locally and nationally, including matters such as renewable energy and climate change.

Mr Davies said: “It was a real pleasure to meet with the local Friends of the Earth group to learn more about their current campaigns and to discuss some of the more pressing environmental issues facing Pembrokeshire. It was a very informative meeting which will certainly help me in scrutinising the Welsh Government in the future. I look forward to constructively working with groups like Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth in the future, to tackle some of the serious environmental challenges that Pembrokeshire faces.”


Local AM Supports #GivingTuesday

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting #GivingTuesday, a national effort for people across the country to do good stuff for charity - whether it’s making a donation, volunteering, or supporting a campaign. It was brought to the UK three years ago by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and this year #givingtuesday takes place on Tuesday 29th November. Last year it raised £6,000 a minute for UK charities and broke the world record for the most amount of money donated online to charity in 24 hours.

Mr Davies said: “I’m delighted to support #GivingTuesday and I want to strongly encourage everyone, from schools, to community groups and businesses to think creatively and get involved in this worthwhile campaign. There are so many ways in which you can get involved - you could fundraise, volunteer or just help spread the word about the work that local and national charities do not just in Pembrokeshire, but right across the UK.”


03 November 2016

“On Your Bike!” Paul Davies Supports Remembrance with First Ever Poppy Ride in Wales

Paul is pictured taking part on the first ever Poppy Ride in Wales.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies joined the Wales Area manager of the Royal British Legion, veterans and other Assembly Members to race against the clock on an exercise bike to mark the Remembrance period in Wales and commemorate the Battle of Mametz wood 100 years ago. The 8 hour bike ride was held in the Senedd, to mark this very special year for remembrance in Wales and Mr Davies represented Preseli Pembrokeshire by cycling as far as he could in 5 minutes, with the hope of topping the leader board!

Mr Davies said: “It was great to take part in the Poppy Ride, to help raise awareness of the Remembrance period in Wales as well as the wonderful work that the Royal British Legion do to support members of the Armed Forces and their families across Wales. I’m pleased to have been able to support such a worthy cause and I look forward to working with the Royal British Legion both at the Senedd and in Pembrokeshire in the future, to better support our armed forces communities.”


02 November 2016

Calls for a return to 24 hour paediatric services at Withybush

Welsh Conservative AM, Paul Davies, has today called for an urgent review of paediatric services at Withybush hospital in Pembrokeshire.

The calls come as Hywel Dda University Health Board confirmed that it faces “renewed and significant workforce challenges at a consultant level”.

Mr Davies said that a review should be undertaken with a view to reinstating 24 hour paediatric services at Withybush. He said that the downgrade to a 12 hour service had been a “disaster for the people of Pembrokeshire”.


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