March 2016

24 March 2016

Pembrokeshire AMs Kick Off Assembly Election Campaign

Paul Davies and Angela Burns are pictured with Welsh Conservative colleagues at the Assembly Election launch event at Cardiff City Stadium.Pembrokeshire politicians Paul Davies and Angela Burns were part of the Welsh Conservatives Assembly election launch, hoping to keep Pembrokeshire blue this May.

Amongst other plans, A Welsh Conservative Government has pledged to:

  • PROTECT THE NHS; by guaranteeing more investment in our health service each and every year
  • CREATE MORE JOBS; by backing small businesses and improving infrastructure
  • DELIVER EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION; transforming teacher training and directing more funds to the classroom
  • PROVIDE SECURITY AND DIGNITY FOR OLDER PEOPLE; by setting a cap on costs and protecting £100,000 of assets for those in residential care
  • TREBLE FREE CHILDCARE; ensuring affordable and accessible support for families

In Pembrokeshire Mr Davies will be hoping to keep his seat in Preseli Pembrokeshire and Mrs Burns in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.


Paul Davies Meets Ysgol Y Preseli History Club

Paul is pictured with Mr Aled Rumble and students of the History Club.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with students from Ysgol Y Preseli’s history club, who are currently researching into Welsh History in the USA. Mr Davies was shown some of the students’ exhibition and talked about ways in which the Club could exhibit their research on a bigger scale.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to meet with the students and hear more about some of the fascinating ways in which Wales is linked to the USA. For example, I had no idea that the Washington Monument has a Welsh inscription or that Abraham Lincoln had ancestry from Conwy.”


Paul Davies Visits EduKey

Paul is pictured with Duncan Wilson and Gintas Sasnauskas of Edukey and staff.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently visited EduKey, a local education software provider based in Fishguard. EduKey was founded in 2010 by former teacher Duncan Wilson and software developer Gintas Sasnauskas and has recently secured an investment deal with TES Global, which will see their resources available to millions of teachers worldwide.

Mr Davies said, “EduKey is a great example of a successful local business, which not only significantly contributes to Pembrokeshire’s economy, but is always looking at ways to expand its business. It was great to meet with Duncan and Gintas to hear more about the business’ new deal with TES and I wish them every success in the future. Duncan was a local secondary school teacher for a number of years and it’s great to see local people setting up enterprises in our communities and providing jobs to help boost the local economy. In fact, most of his employees are children who he taught at Ysgol Bro Gwaun. I’m sure that EduKey’s deal with TES is just the start and I look forward to seeing the company go from strength to strength in the future.”


22 March 2016

Paul Davies Meets with Local Farmers

L-R: NFU County Chairman Walter Simon, Elinor Evans, Local AM Paul Davies, Jeffrey Evans.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies met with local farmers at Broadmoor Farm in Wolfscastle, Haverfordwest to discuss a number of concerns facing the local agricultural industry. Mr Davies met with dairy farmers Jeffrey and Elinor Evans, to discuss the effect that Welsh Government plans to expand Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, amongst other issues.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to meet with Mr and Mrs Evans and other NFU members to discuss some of the more pressing issues facing farmers in Pembrokeshire. We discussed the proposals to designate more NVZs in Pembrokeshire and the effect of those on local farmers and the wider rural economy. I’m concerned that the excessive burden and regulations will do nothing to attract people to farming and could seriously damage the industry in the long term.”


16 March 2016

Local AM Hands Over Senedd Petition

Local AM Paul Davies and colleague Simon Thomas are pictured presenting the petition to Peter Greening.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has handed over a petition to see full-time paediatrics re-established at Withybush hospital, to the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary, Peter Greening. Mr Davies, along with Regional Assembly Member Simon Thomas, handed in the petition which had been coordinated across Pembrokeshire and gathered over 20,000 signatures.

Mr Davies said, “It was a privilege to hand over this important petition to the Welsh Government and stress that the people of Pembrokeshire will continue to fight to restore local services. The message is overwhelmingly clear – full time paediatrics must be re-established at Withybush hospital.”


Local AM Discusses Lower Speed Limits

Paul recently met with Sustrans Cymru, to discuss safer speed limits in local communities.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with Sustrans Cymru, to discuss safer speed limits in local communities. Mr Davies has been campaigning for slower speed limits around schools to make school areas safer, encourage cycling and walking and protect the local environment.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to meet with Sustrans representatives to discuss slower speed limits in our communities and the effect that these limits may have. I have been campaigning for some time to lower speed limits in school areas and so it’s great to see national organisations and groups taking this matter seriously, albeit in a wider context. This measure will certainly help save lives and prevent casualties and I’m sure they will be welcomed by local communities. Moving forward, we need to see local authorities implementing 20mph limits to make our school areas safer for local people and to encourage more people to walk or cycle.”


Paul Davies Visits Celtic Camping

Paul is pictured with owner of Celtic Camping Ian Griffiths.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited Celtic Camping in St David’s, based on ‘Pwll Caerog’ a working farm which has diversified to include spacious camping fields and group accommodation dormitories. Pwll Caerog is also home to the Really Wild Food festival, which attracts thousands of people to Pembrokeshire each year and recently won a tourism award at this year’s Countryside Alliance awards.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to visit Celtic Camping and see the fantastic facilities at Pwll Caerog. The site has a growing reputation not only for its accommodation facilities, but also for its range of outdoor activities including everything from clay pigeon shooting to surfing. Indeed, it’s fast becoming one of Pembrokeshire’s hotspots!”


Paul Davies Supports Community Pharmacy Wales

Paul supports Community Pharmacy Wales.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with representatives of Community Pharmacy Wales to discuss ways in which community pharmacies can best deliver services across Wales. Community Pharmacy Wales works with Governments and other partners such as local Health Boards, to help protect and develop high quality community pharmacy services.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to meet with the Community Pharmacy Wales team to learn more about community pharmacies and how they are delivering primary care services in our local areas. Community pharmacies play such an important role in delivering health services and promoting healthy lifestyles and in many cases they can often be patients’ first point of contact with a healthcare professional. That’s why we need to strengthen and protect the community pharmacy network in Wales and I look forward to continuing to work with Community Pharmacy Wales to see our local pharmacies flourish in the future.”


Local AM Backs Earth Hour 2016

Paul is supporting the WWF’s Earth Hour campaign.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting the WWF’s Earth Hour campaign and has pledged to take more action towards a sustainable future in the Fifth Assembly. Earth hour takes place at 8.30pm on 19th March, where millions of people across the globe are expected to turn off their lights for an hour, to show they care about the future of our planet.

Mr Davies said, “I’m delighted to support the WWF’s Earth hour campaign once again this year. It’s crucial that we recognise the importance of caretaking our planet and take steps to help protect the environment. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to better protect our planet for future generations and I’d encourage everyone across Pembrokeshire to turn off the lights in their homes for one hour this Saturday evening to show your support for this campaign.”


Paul Davies Stands Up for Rural Wales

Paul is pictured delivering his speech at the Welsh Conservative conference in Llangollen.‘Standing up for Rural Wales’ was the theme of local Assembly Member Paul Davies’ speech at the recent Welsh Conservative Conference in Llangollen. Mr Davies highlighted that 85% of Wales is rural and therefore, it should be a priority for any Welsh Government. He also talked about the need for greater investment in rural communities and more rural-proofing of Welsh Government policies.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to talk about the vibrancy and importance of rural communities across Wales. Sadly, all too often, policies are developed in the Cardiff Bay bubble and have no relevance to the challenges that those living in rural areas face. As someone who lives and represents a rural area, there’s so much to be proud of – but there’s also plenty of issues too. The centralisation of services away from local communities and the severe lack of investment in infrastructure continues to hinder rural areas, as well as many communities facing substandard mobile and broadband services. Real change is needed so that rural communities get the support and investment that they need to flourish in the future.”


14 March 2016

DAVIES: Delivering for Rural Communities

Addressing the annual Welsh Conservative Party Conference in Llangollen, Paul Davies AM, Deputy Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly, said:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s great to be back here in Llangollen and I’m delighted to open a session on a subject very close to my heart….rural Wales.

It’s undeniable that Welsh Labour policies have been detrimental to those living in rural Wales.


10 March 2016

“Keeping the local in local government” – AM Condemns Plans to Return to a Dyfed model

Pembrokeshire SignLocal Assembly Member Paul Davies has held a debate in the Assembly Chamber on the Welsh Government’s plans to create a ‘Dyfed –style authority’ by merging Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. Mr Davies stressed the importance of keeping the ‘local’ in local government and argued against proposals to see services centralised away from Pembrokeshire.

Mr Davies said, “I’m extremely disappointed by the Minister’s response to my debate. It’s quite clear that the Minister does not take the genuine concerns of my constituents seriously. 74% of respondents to my County-wide survey were against any plans by the Welsh Government to merge Pembrokeshire with Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire and the Welsh Government must respond to those concerns.”


09 March 2016

Pembrokeshire Politicians Stand Up to Cancer

Paul Davies AM and Angela Burns AM are pictured on the Senedd Steps.Pembrokeshire Assembly Members Paul Davies and Angela Burns are supporting the ‘Wales vs Cancer’ campaign, run by Cancer Research UK, which calls for cancer to be a priority for the next Welsh Assembly. The campaign also calls for improvements to screening tests and for quicker access to these tests for patients.

Paul Davies said, “I’m pleased to support the Wales vs Cancer campaign and support any calls to make cancer a priority for the next Welsh Assembly. The earlier that a diagnosis is made, the better the chance of that patient having successful treatment and that’s why it’s so important that action is taken to diagnose cancers much more quickly. Wales can be a world leader in delivering cancer services and I will continue to support the work of Cancer Research and other groups to see that ambition become a reality.”


Paul Davies Receives Petition at the Senedd

Paul is pictured with Myles Bamford-Lewis and Simon Thomas AM.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has met with campaigners from across Pembrokeshire to receive a petition calling on the Welsh Government to re-establish full time paediatric services at Withybush hospital. Mr Davies received the petition with Assembly colleagues from Myles Bamford-Lewis, who coordinated the petition, which was signed by more than 20,000 people.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to meet with campaigners at the Senedd once again and to receive Myles’ petition. These signatures send a strong statement to the Welsh Government that the people of Pembrokeshire will not tolerate their services being centralised at Glangwili hospital.”


01 March 2016

Paul Davies and Andrew R.T. Davies Visit H.O.P.E.

[L-R] – Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R.T. Davies and Local AM Paul Davies are pictured with Ken Brombley Margaret Brace and Alan Hawthorn.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited the local charity HOPE in Neyland, with Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R.T. Davies, to meet with staff and volunteers who are supporting people with multiple sclerosis and other disorders in Pembrokeshire. The centre offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Physiotherapy and other therapies to help patients with multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease, as well as those recovering from strokes.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to visit the HOPE Centre once again and show Andrew RT Davies the essential services on offer to local people suffering a range of debilitating diseases. The staff at HOPE do such a wonderful job in supporting local patients, by offering care, support, advice, counselling and information. It’s crucial that we all do that we can to raise awareness of these services and show the important impact that they have on people’s lives. These services are very much a lifeline for local people and more must be done to promote them.”


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