January 2015

30 January 2015

Paul Davies Comments on Latest School Reorganisation Plans

Commenting on Pembrokeshire County Council’s latest proposals for school reorganisation in the County, Mr Davies said:

“I’m pleased that Pembrokeshire County Council are proposing to keep Ysgol Dewi Sant open in St David’s, given the school’s excellent reputation and the importance of it to the local community. This is certainly a step in the right direction and I’m sure there will be many people in the North of Pembrokeshire who will breathe a sigh of relief at the Council’s proposal.”


28 January 2015

Paul Davies Questions Legitimacy of Council’s School Shake Up Meeting

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is questioning the validity of the Extraordinary Council at County Hall on the 29th January 2015, following concerns that Pembrokeshire County Council may have not complied with the new School Organisation Code set out under the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013.

Mr Davies said, “I want to see an education service in Pembrokeshire that’s fit for purpose and delivers real outcomes for pupils across the County. Any shake up of the current service provision must follow the correct procedures and engage with local people and their elected representatives. I am not convinced that this is the case, and I have therefore written to the Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council, following concerns that the extraordinary council meeting due to take place tomorrow (29th January) may be invalid. I have asked for evidence that the Council have complied with the new School Organisation Code and that each of the proposals have met the criteria. In light of these circumstances, I believe it’s only appropriate that the meeting is called off until robust evidence is provided to demonstrate that the Council has complied with the Code.”


27 January 2015

Local AM Comments on Pembrokeshire School Shake Up

Commenting on Pembrokeshire County Council’s school reorganisation proposals, local Assembly Member Paul Davies said:

“I’m very concerned by the proposals put forward by Pembrokeshire County Council for schools across the County. The key objective of any school reorganisation plans must be to improve education standards for children and young people in Pembrokeshire. However, these proposals raise a number of questions over how this will result in an improvement in standards and they clearly seem to ignore the views of local communities right across Pembrokeshire.


26 January 2015

Fishguard Flooding on Assembly Agenda

L-R: Mrs Sturdgess, Local AM Paul Davies, Mr Sturdgess, Mr Alex AllisonThe impact of flooding on Lower Town, Fishguard has once again been on the Assembly’s agenda thanks to local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies questioned the Minister for Natural Resources on what the Welsh Government is doing to help support the community, which has faced serious flooding issues in the past and is prone to flooding in the future.

Mr Davies said, “For several years the people of Lower Town, Fishguard have faced some seriously challenging flooding conditions and I’m pleased that the Minister has committed to working with Pembrokeshire County Council, Natural Resources Wales and indeed, the local community, to help make the area more self-resilient in the future.”


Paul Davies Supports Mudiad Meithrin!

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has helped launch Mudiad Meithrin’s new plans, “Dewiniaith” referenced from, ‘Dewin and Doti,’ Mudiad Meithrin’s much loved characters who encourage the children in our cylchoedd meithrin (Welsh-medium playgroups) to speak Welsh. The document outlines a vision for the organization for the next decade; and at the Senedd steps Mr Davies heard how 22,000 children a week benefit from the services provided by early years membership of Mudiad.

Mr Davies said, "It was a pleasure to support Mudiad Meithrin in launching their new vision for the next decade. The national importance of Mudiad Meithrin cannot be understated, as they are prevalent right across the country. The staff at Mudiad do a fantastic job in promoting the Welsh language amongst young children and I’m sure that the organisation will only go from strength to strength in the next ten years.”


Paul Davies Supports Holocaust Memorial Day

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently took part in a Holocaust Memorial Day event at Haverfordwest. Throughout his keynote speech on ‘Keeping the Memory Alive’, which is also the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day, Mr Davies talked about remembrance not just being about the past, but about the future too.

Mr Davies said, “I was honoured to be invited to the Holocaust Memorial event and to talk about some of the challenges that are still being faced in Britain today. It is important for all of us to remember those who were persecuted and to honour those who survived, especially as this year, it’s seventy years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, and it’s also the twentieth anniversary of the genocide in Bosnia. As a society, we have a responsibility to promote an equal society, where no one is judged or victimized because of their background or ethnicity. We, therefore, must all work together to help promote an equal and inclusive Pembrokeshire, Wales and United Kingdom.”


22 January 2015

St Francis School Enjoy Art Class

L-R: Cynth Weyman (Pembrokeshire artist) Mrs Roberts (Headteacher of St Francis Catholic Primary School, Milford Haven), Paul Davies AM, Phoebe Whitwham and classmates.Schoolchildren at St Francis Catholic Primary School in Milford Haven, were recently treated to an art class by local artist Cynth Weyman. One of the pupils, Phoebe Whitwham produced the winning Christmas card in a cross-County competition recently launched by local Assembly Member Paul Davies and so an art class was delivered by Cynth Weyman as a result of the winning entry coming from the school.

Mr Davies said, "I'm pleased that Phoebe and her classmates enjoyed their art lesson with Cynth Weyman, where they were able to nurture their creative skills. Art activities are key in helping children's social and emotional development, as children learn about themselves and others and develop key skills such as confidence and self-esteem. I was very privileged to sit in on the class; and indeed impressed with the children's work."


21 January 2015

Local AM Backs NSPCC Awareness Campaign on Child Online Safety

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting the NSPCC's Share Aware campaign, aimed at parents and carers of children aged 8-12 – the age at which they start doing more online, become more independent and use a greater range of devices. The campaign aims to encourage parents and carers to understand online safety and to have conversations with their children about keeping safe.

Mr Davies said, "This is a very important project that helps to raise awareness of the dangers that the internet can pose to children. The Share Aware campaign aims to give parents the tools to feel confident to have conversations with their children about the internet, by providing a number of resources and guides about online sites such as social networks and even apps."


19 January 2015

Local Pupils Quiz Paul Davies!

Paul with Pupils from St Aidan's School in Wiston.Pupils from St Aidan's School in Wiston just outside Haverfordwest had the opportunity to quiz local Assembly Member Paul Davies when visiting the National Assembly this week. Mr Davies talked to the children about his work as an Assembly Member and local issues facing people in Pembrokeshire.

Mr Davies said, "I was delighted to meet with pupils from St Aidan's School and talk to them about my role as an Assembly Member and my day-to-day job, the National Assembly for Wales and of current issues that they felt were important to Pembrokeshire.


15 January 2015

Local AM Raises Services at Withybush Hospital

Paul making a statement about the Welsh Government’s decision to close the special care baby unit at Withybush hospital.The impact of the Welsh Government's decision to close the special care baby unit at Withybush hospital, has once again been on the Assembly's agenda thanks to local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies has called for the Health Minister to bring forward an urgent statement outlining the impact of these changes on patient experiences, following the Minister's commitment to do so twelve months after he decided to close the unit.

Mr Davies said, "The Minister made it quite clear that he would review the impact of the changes he made in January 2014, and given that it's been almost a year since then, it's time the Welsh Government came forward with a statement."


14 January 2015

Have Your Say On Welsh Tourism

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is encouraging businesses and individuals involved in the Pembrokeshire tourism industry to have their say on Welsh tourism, by taking part in a Welsh Conservative survey. Figures vary, depending on their source, but the tourism industry supports around 200,000 jobs and is one of the top three employers in Wales. To take part in this survey, simply click http://yourvoiceintheassembly.co.uk/welshtourismsurvey/ and fill in the questions, which promises £50 in John Lewis vouchers and a weekend stay at 4* Bryn Uchel caravan park as a prize to two lucky recipients.

Mr Davies said, "Tourism is a key industry here in Pembrokeshire, and so I really hope that businesses across the County take part in this survey. Whether you're a hotelier, a restaurant or a local attraction, we want to hear from you. We want to know how to attract the best and brightest into tourism; improving the status of the industry and how we can best sell Wales at home and abroad."


13 January 2015

Paul Davies Promotes Welsh Produce

Paul is pictured at the annual FUW Breakfast.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently hosted the annual FUW Breakfast reception at the National Assembly for Wales, celebrating Welsh produce. The well-attended event brought together politicians and representatives of the farming and food industries to not only promote Welsh food and drink but also to discuss challenges facing the sector.

Speaking from the Senedd Mr Davies said, "I was delighted to once again host the Farmers' breakfast event to discuss issues facing the Welsh produce industry. Whilst I'm extremely proud of the food and drink that we produce, I'm also aware that many producers across Wales are facing serious challenges. For example, we know that the recent announcement by the dairy co-operative First Milk, to defer payment for milk and to increase member capital contributions is causing a number of problems for dairy farmers."


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