06 June 2013

Paul Davies Calls for Statement on Ministerial Decision

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member, Paul Davies has called for the Welsh Government to bring forward a statement on Hywel Dda local health board's reconfiguration plans, once the Health Minister has made a final decision, following the local Community Health Council's referral to him. The Health Minister is expected to make a decision in relation to Hywel Dda's controversial plans before the National Assembly's summer recess and Mr Davies has asked for Government time to be made available for a Ministerial statement.

Paul Davies said, "I believe it is wholly appropriate that given the local Community Health Council's referral to the Health Minister that Assembly Members have the opportunity to fully scrutinise his final decision and the health board's plans.


05 June 2013

Paul Davies Welcomes Rosslare Rail News

Paul is pictured next to a train.Local AM Paul Davies has welcomed the recent news that Irish Rail have amended the evening departure of their Rosslare ferry train, so that afternoon passengers from Fishguard can now make the connection. Mr Davies has raised this issue directly with the First Minister and the Irish Government, calling for a review of train services in Rosslare to match the ferry times at Fishguard.

Paul Davies said, "Whilst I welcome the news that Irish Rail has corrected their evening timetable to accommodate afternoon ferry passengers, I hope that this change will now be permanent. This news will help support the ferry service between Fishguard and Rosslare. I wrote to Alan Kelly TD, the Irish Minister of State for Commuter and Public Transport in Dublin, who advised me that my comments were passed on to Iarnród Éireann for consideration as part of the Irish Government's consultation process on this issue."


23 May 2013

Paul Davies Attends Epilepsy Awareness Event

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently attended an epilepsy awareness event at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Currently there are around 20,000 – 30,000 people with epilepsy in Wales and approximately 1,500 people develop epilepsy each year. The event focused on the epilepsy commissioning directive, which was published in 2009 and highlights what a good epilepsy service in Wales should look like and what local health boards need to do to achieve this.

Paul Davies said, "I was delighted to attend the epilepsy awareness event to learn more about the challenges facing patients and families of those with this condition. The work of Epilepsy Wales is invaluable in supporting and working with epilepsy suffers. I will continue to support any efforts made by Epilepsy Wales in the future and I look forward to working with them closely."


16 May 2013

Paul Davies Hosts Urdd Senedd Event

Paul is pictured at the 2013 Urdd Gobaith Cymru Message of Peace and Goodwill event at the Senedd.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently hosted the 2013 Urdd Gobaith Cymru Message of Peace and Goodwill event at the Senedd recently. Since 1922 the young people of Wales have shared a Peace & Goodwill Message with the world, and the Urdd continues to do so annually every May. The message is an inspiration for the Urdd's humanitarian work locally and nationally.

Paul Davies said, "I was delighted to host the Urdd Peace and Goodwill event at the Senedd especially as this year, the Urdd Eisteddfod will be held in Pembrokeshire. The Eisteddfod gives young performers the opportunity to develop their talent and provides them with a platform to perform – and that is something that I believe should be celebrated. However, it is also important to recognise that the Urdd as an organisation undertake some important humanitarian work across Wales, and that is something that needs to be celebrated too."


03 May 2013

Local AM Leads Debate on Dualling the A40 in Pembrokeshire

Paul is pictured next to the A40.Dualling the A40 in Pembrokeshire was the topic of a short debate at the National Assembly recently thanks to local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies was selected for a short debate and decided to focus the debate around building a rural road network for the 21st century in Pembrokeshire, and called on the Welsh Government to seriously consider the case for dualling the A40.

Paul Davies said, "I was delighted to use my short debate to highlight the case for dualling the A40 in Pembrokeshire. This matter is not party political – indeed, representatives from all political parties have acknowledged the importance of dualling this road – and it is time that the Welsh Government listened. It would certainly provide job opportunities and go some way to attracting inward investment to the area. I believe it would also help make travelling to Pembrokeshire much easier for residents and for the thousands of visitors that come to the locality each year."


Local AM Welcomes Tidal Energy Funding

Local AM Paul Davies has welcomed investment from the European Regional Development Fund for the deployment of Wales' first full-scale tidal energy generator to be based at Ramsey Sound in Pembrokeshire. The DeltaStream device, which was invented by Pembrokeshire engineer Richard Ayre, sits on the seabed under its own gravity and comprises of three independent 400kW turbines mounted on a triangular frame.

Paul Davies said, "I'm pleased that Tidal Energy has received this vital funding to commence the deployment of the DeltaStream device. Wales has 1200km of coastline, deep sea ports and accessible grid infrastructure and so our waters are ideally suited to meet the requirements of the marine energy industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for Pembrokeshire and I look forward to seeing this scheme develop over the next few months."


Paul Davies Marks International Day of the Midwife

Paul is pictured with Powys midwife Gwyneth Ratcliffe.Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies marked International Day of the Midwife by attending a reception at the Senedd, to meet with midwives across Wales and hear their experiences both in Wales and abroad. The International Day of the Midwife is on 5th May 2013 but this year, in Wales, it was marked on 1st May 2013.

Following the event, Mr Davies said, "I'm proud to show my support for International Day of the Midwife. The event is an excellent opportunity to recognise the role of midwives in supporting women and their babies through pregnancy, childbirth and the early days of parenthood. Therefore, it is crucial that Governments at all levels do as much as possible to further recognise the dedication and commitment of midwives in delivering babies into the world. Every woman in Wales has the right to a safe childbirth experience, and the Welsh Government must do their utmost to support the valuable service that midwives in Pembrokeshire, and indeed Wales provide."


02 May 2013

Hywel Dda CHC Refer Plans Back to Minister

Local AM Paul Davies is supporting Hywel Dda Community Health Council's (CHC)decision to refer the health board's controversial plans for services in Pembrokeshire back to the new Health Minister. This referral comes following a further series of meetings between the CHC and the health board that were convened at the request of the previous Minister. However, despite reaching some compromises, the CHC still have several concerns and have further referred it back to the Welsh Government.

Paul Davies said, "I would like to once again congratulate the local community health council on their efforts to stand up against these plans, and speak up on behalf of the people of Pembrokeshire. It is crucial that the Welsh Government now takes responsibility for our health service and that the new Minister listens to the people of Pembrokeshire. I look forward to hearing his response to this development in due course. I will continue to raise this issue at the Assembly at every available opportunity, so that the views of the people of Pembrokeshire continue to be heard loud and clear."


29 April 2013

Paul Davies Raises Fishguard Rosslare Links in Chamber

Local AM Paul Davies has again raised concerns over transport links between Fishguard and Rosslare in the Assembly Chamber with the First Minister. Mr Davies called on the First Minister to help lobby the Irish Government to review the train services in Rosslare to match the ferry times at Fishguard. Unfortunately, current train services at Rosslare do not correlate with the incoming ferries and this makes it difficult for passengers to travel efficiently.


25 April 2013

Enterprise Zone Crucial After Port Profit Drop

Following recent news that the Milford Haven Port Authority has seen close to a 50% drop in profits in 2012, local Assembly Member Paul Davies is calling on the Welsh Government to move forward with the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone, to help support the local economy.

Paul Davies said, "Whilst the drop in profits for the Port Authority does is disappointing, the establishment of the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone by the Welsh Government is a welcome development to the area. It is important now that momentum isn't lost and that work continues alongside plans to regenerate the dock and marina. In a recent statement, the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport confirmed that she has approved the commissioning of a report to maximise new employment opportunities on the Waterston site. This report will identify recommendations to attract inward investment and growth and is due to be completed by the end of this month. I'm pleased that the Welsh Government is undertaking this work, and I look forward to reading the report's recommendations in due course."


19 April 2013

Paul Davies Raises Hywel Dda Health Plans in Assembly Chamber

Local AM Paul Davies has yet again raised concerns over Hywel Dda health board's controversial plans for health services in Pembrokeshire, in the Chamber with the First Minister and the new Health Minister.

Paul Davies said, "I have once again raised the issue of Hywel Dda's plans in the Assembly Chamber, as it is of huge concern to my constituents, and so as the local representative, it essential that I keep up the pressure on the Welsh Government to reject the health board's proposals."


Paul Davies Hosts Men’s Sheds Cymru event

Local AM Paul Davies is pictured speaking at the event.Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies has recently hosted the first Men's Sheds Cymru event at the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay. The event aimed to raise awareness of the Men's Sheds model and promote intergenerational skill sharing and interaction. A Men's Shed is a dedicated and friendly meeting place where men come together and share, learn and develop their skills and knowledge with others.

"I was delighted to host the Men's Sheds event," said Mr Davies.

"It was a wonderful chance to learn more about the work that is currently being done and to meet with representatives to hear first-hand of their experiences of Men's Sheds."


18 April 2013

UEFA U-turn on Women’s Under 19’s Tournament in Haverfordwest

Paul is pictured with Commercial Director of Haverfordwest County AFC, David Hughes.Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies is delighted that UEFA and the Football Association of Wales have finally decided to host matches in the Women's U19's football tournament later this year at Haverfordwest. This follows a frustrating couple of months, where the decision to host matches at the Conygar Bridge Meadow Stadium has been changed more than once.

During the period of uncertainty Mr Davies wrote to the Chief Executive of the Welsh Football Association, Mr Jonathan Ford on the matter, and also raised questions on the floor of the Senedd with the then Minister for Housing Regeneration and Heritage, Huw Lewis AM.


16 April 2013

Fishguard Town Centre Petition Moving Forward

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies and Member of Parliament, Stephen Crabb are pictured signing the petition in Fishguard with Town Cllr James Thickitt, Cllr Owen James, and Richard Davies.A petition calling for investment to be made in a town centre improvement scheme for Fishguard, including pedestrian and traffic management measures, is now being taken forward by the National Assembly's Petitions Committee. At their latest meeting, it was agreed that the Committee would write to the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport highlighting the local authority's concerns about the link road scheme. The Committee has also agreed to write to the Minister for Housing and Regeneration to ask how the new regeneration framework will assist with bringing forward improvements.

Mr Davies said: "I am delighted that the Assembly's Petition Committee has agreed to take some action in relation to the town centre improvement scheme for Fishguard. This is an important step forward. This scheme will ensure that pedestrians are able to shop safely as sadly at present, many of the roads and pavements in the town centre are not fit for purpose. In the meantime, I will continue to highlight this issue at every available opportunity as this is of huge importance to the people of Fishguard."


15 April 2013

Local AM and Councillor Call for Traffic Light Alternative

Paul is pictured with Cllr Myles Pepper on Lower Town Hill, FishguardLocal AM Paul Davies is supporting County Councillor Myles Pepper's calls to consider alternative solutions to remedy the traffic problems recently seen at Lower Town Hill, Fishguard. Due to a landslip, one lane of the hill has been closed with traffic lights in operation. This is causing delay and inconvenience to road users, and although remedial work is taking place, it is uncertain how long the traffic lights may be at this location.

The South Wales Trunk Road Agency who manages the road on behalf of the Welsh Government has been asked by Cllr Pepper to give consideration to temporarily realigning the road so it will allow two lanes of traffic to flow without the need for traffic lights. Other suggestions include temporarily closing the footpath and encouraging pedestrians to use the path below, which will also allow two way traffic to flow.


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