18 May 2010

Funding Must Follow Learners After Education Review

RESPONDING to today's statement on the Assembly Government review into education funding, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"It is crucial phase one of this review, and indeed the second phase, highlights weaknesses in the system and that the Welsh Assembly Government acts swiftly and effectively to eradicate them.


14 May 2010

Paul Davies AM Helps Launch KC Dog Access Guide

Paul_Davies_and_Andrew_RT_DaviesThis week local AM Paul Davies joined the Kennel Club to help launch the KC Dog Access Guide for Wales, called 'Walkies'. The launch of Walkies, which took place at the Senedd, is the Kennel Club's comprehensive new wallet-sized access guide.

The guide is designed for dog owners and walkers to carry with them when out and about in the Welsh countryside, as a way of ensuring that they know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to access.


11 May 2010

New Child Poverty Strategy Is Admission Of Failure

COMMENTING on tomorrow's publication of the Assembly Government's Child Poverty Strategy and Delivery Plan, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"This consultation is a clear admission by the Labour-Plaid government that previous efforts to tackle child poverty have failed.


10 May 2010

Local AM Raises Issue Of Communal Allotments

Local AM Paul Davies this week raised concerns with the Minister over the lack of support given by local authorities to people looking to set up communal allotments.

Paul Davies said, "These allotments bind the local community together and are a great way of teaching children the benefits of working with nature as well as giving them the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and local wildlife.


30 April 2010

Local AM Voices Concerns over funding for Learners with Additional Needs

This week, local Assembly Member Paul Davies continued to lobby the Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning with questions over funding for learners with additional needs and special education needs providers.

Paul Davies said, "I am pleased to bring these issues back to the forefront of the Minister's attention. I have received representations regarding this issue and I am pleased to raise their voices in the Assembly Chamber.


Science Skills Can Encourage Economic Development

Responding to the Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills' announcement of the establishment of a National Science Academy, Shadow Minister for Education Paul Davies AM said:

"The Welsh Conservatives welcome the Deputy Minister's announcement that Wales will have a National Science Academy.


23 April 2010

Local AM Voices Concerns over Dental Services in North Pembrokeshire

This week, local Assembly Member Paul Davies continued to lobby the Minister for Health and Social Services with questions over the lack of dental facilities in the North of Preseli Pembrokeshire.

Paul Davies said, "I am pleased to bring these issues to the forefront of the Minister's attention. It continues to be a concern for many people that some residents are still unable to access vital NHS dentistry services and it is an issue I will continue to raise.


22 April 2010

AM Raises Concerns over recent CHC Merger

Local AM Paul Davies this week raised concerns over the recent Community Health Council merger in the Chamber with the Minister for Health and Social Services, Edwina Hart.

Paul Davies said, "I raised the issue of the merger of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire CHCs to form Hywel Dda CHC, with the aim of getting assurances that the local voice of patients in Pembrokeshire will not be lost as part of this process.


19 April 2010

AM Raises Concerns Over Dental Facilities

The closure of a dental practice in Newcastle Emlyn has meant that approximately 400 patients in Pembrokeshire will be without dental facilities until new service arrangements are implemented by the Local Health Board.

The closure of this practice adds to scarcity of dental practices in the northern areas of Pembrokeshire.

Commenting on the effects of the closure of Mr Hathaway's dental practice in Newcastle Emlyn, AM Paul Davies said:


15 April 2010

Residents suffer after Digital TV Switchover

Residents in some areas of Preseli Pembrokeshire are continuing to suffer from a loss of channels since the digital TV switchover last year.

Before the digital switchover, rural residents had access to a range of television channels. However, since the switchover took place last August, the number of channels has decreased to sixteen. This means some residents have lost popular channels such as Film 4 and ITV3.


14 April 2010

Concerns Raised over Community Health Councils

Following the merger of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion CHCs into a new super CHC on the 1st April 2010, a number of concerns have been spotlighted.

These concerns range from the speed of the implementation process, the geography of the local areas and the provision of adequate funding to enable its development.


30 March 2010

Paul Davies AM Helps Launch Disability Report In Senedd

DISABILITY_LAUNCHPreseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies is pictured at the Senedd launching a report by the Disability Law Service.

The charity provides information for disabled and deaf people on a range of issues from discrimination to employment.

The new report, which was launched at an event hosted by Mr Davies, recommends that there should be an integrated referral system allowing for the easy transfer of information about clients between organisations.


29 March 2010

Pembrokeshire Will Be Hit Hardest By Self Catering Rates Change

Local AM Paul Davies says Pembrokeshire will be harder hit than any other county in Wales by business rates hikes on the self catering sector.

Pembrokeshire has more than double the number of holiday lets than any other Welsh region and Mr Davies is lobbying for special allowances to be made for the sector.

"Tourism is very important to Pembrokeshire," he told First Minister Carwyn Jones at the Senedd.


25 March 2010

Funding Cuts Put Universities Under More Pressure

Commenting on the news that universities in Wales will receive a £30 million cut in funding for 2010/11, Shadow Minister for Education Paul Davies AM said:

"These cuts will undoubtedly put even more pressure on universities in Wales at a time when they are already stretched to the limit.


Am Urges Responsible Dog Ownership As Council Spends £176,000 On Stray Dogs

A shocking £176,000 bill to kennel stray dogs in Pembrokeshire over the past five years has been uncovered by local AM Paul Davies.

Mr Davies is now urging dog owners to get their pets microchipped to help cut the bill and be reunited with their dogs more quickly.

"I was amazed to hear that the council estimates it will spend £3,700 a month on this problem this year," said Mr Davies.


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