March 2010

15 March 2010

Conservative AMs Back West Wales Doctors In Demand For More Patient Choice

Pembrokeshire's Conservative politicians have backed a group of west Wales doctors who are calling for the NHS in Wales to introduce patient choice.

An open letter signed by 60 doctors, mainly from west Wales, argues that a lack of choice in the Welsh NHS is increasing health inequalities.

It also states the previous situation of treatment anywhere in Wales "was a better option for the patient".


12 March 2010

AM Outlines Importance Of Consultation On School Closures

Future_of_FringePreseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies has outlined the importance of holding full consultations before school closures go ahead.

Mr Davies, who is also shadow Welsh Education Minister, told the Senedd that it is vital proper inquiries are made before schools are closed.


11 March 2010

Home Economics Back On The Menu For Pembrokeshire Children?

Pauls_Speech_4Home Economics should be back on the school curriculum in Pembrokeshire, says local AM Paul Davies.

Mr Davies, who is also Shadow Welsh Education Minister, outlined the plan in a keynote speech to the Welsh Conservative Party's Spring Conference.

"If you are to get on in this world you need more than formal qualifications," he said. "You also need the know-how to manage your home, time and finances.


09 March 2010

Consultation Vital On School Closures

Welsh Conservatives will tomorrow urge the Assembly Government to ensure that full consultation is held ahead of proposed school closures.

Speaking ahead of the party's Opposition debate in the National Assembly, Shadow Minister for Education Paul Davies AM said:


04 March 2010

Welsh Language Legislation Requires Detailed Study

COMMENTING on today's publication of the Assembly Government's Welsh language Measure, Shadow Minister for the Welsh language Paul Davies AM said:

"Welsh Conservatives are committed to supporting the Welsh language.


03 March 2010

Funding Review Must Deliver Thriving University Sector

COMMENTING on today's announcement of a review into university funding in Wales, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"This review must deliver much more than simply a cheap headline for a recently appointed minister.


01 March 2010

Free Laptop Scheme Still No Further Forward

PLAID Cymru's free laptops for children policy is no further forward nearly three years into their coalition with Labour.

Information obtained from the Education Minister Leighton Andrews confirms that a pilot scheme is finally due to roll out in March 2010 at a cost of £700,000 over the two financial years 2009-10 and 2010-11.


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