November 2009

28 November 2009

Need For Vast Improvement In Rail Services, Says AM

Preseli Pembrokeshire's AM has highlighted in the Senedd the need for "vast improvement" in rail services in the west of Wales.

Paul Davies won a ballot to hold a debate of his choice at the Welsh Assembly and chose to talk about the need for a better train service to and from Pembrokeshire.

"People in the area are forced to use transport services that are not particularly accessible or convenient to get them to where they want to go," he told AMs.


Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies Is Keeping The Pressure On Rates Relief

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies is keeping the pressure on the Welsh Assembly Government to reveal its plans for helping businesses facing huge rate increases.

Mr Davies tackled local government minister Brian Gibbons on the issue in the Senedd last week.

"I am looking for a direct answer as to when they will tell us what solutions they have come up with to help these businesses who are facing huge increases in their rates," he said.


19 November 2009

Pembrokeshire's Youngsters Failed By Poor Settlement In Welsh Budget, Warns Local AM

Pembrokeshire's youngsters are being let down because the Welsh Assembly Government is imposing far harsher cuts on higher and further education than any other sector, warns local AM Paul Davies.

The Preseli Pembrokeshire AM said that it was unfair the HE and FE sector was expected to take a funding cut that was three times worse than in other areas.

"I do not understand why, at a time of economic recession, the Assembly Government is requiring the HE and FE sectors to find efficiency savings of 5 per cent when all other sectors are only required to find savings of 1.6 per cent," he said during a debate on the Welsh budget in the Senedd.


Advocacy And Advice Service Not Money Well Spent

RESPONDING to the news that WAG is setting up a new Advocacy and Advice Service for children and young people at the cost of more than £450,000, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies said:

"Welsh Conservatives hold in highest regard the rights of all children and are determined to ensure all young people are listened to and supported fully.

"It is important children who find themselves in a vulnerable position never feel alone or helpless.


Trains In West Wales Under Spotlight In Senedd Debate

Rail services in west Wales will be in the spotlight next week when Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies leads a debate on the subject in the Senedd.

Mr Davies won the ballot to choose a subject for a short debate and he's elected to highlight the short comings in rail services to west Wales.

"This has been a subject close to my heart for some time," said Mr Davies.


Pembrokeshire-Led Campaign Results In IVF Victory

A campaign for extra IVF funding in Wales which was spearheaded by a Pembrokeshire woman and local AM Angela Burns has won a significant victory.

Kara Ellard from Clynderwen and Mrs Burns have been lobbying for NHS funding for three cycles of IVF – as recommended by NICE guidelines. At present women in Wales can only get one cycle paid for by the NHS.

But at an IVF briefing hosted by Mrs Burns in the Senedd on Tuesday the Welsh Health Minister Edwina Hart announced that women will now get two funded cycles.


18 November 2009

Pembrokeshire Businesses Left In Limbo Over Rates Hike

Businesses in Pembrokeshire are still in limbo about their rates hike because the Assembly Government has no relief plans in place.

The UK Government is planning to raise the business relief threshold in England on September 30 and in Northern Ireland the rates revaluation has been postponed.

But in Wales, the Assembly Government still has not decided what, if any, action to take.

The admission by Local Government Minister Brian Gibbons that there are no "definitive proposals" in place contradicts a letter sent by local MP Nick Ainger to Narberth Chamber of Trade.


12 November 2009

Labour Is Failing Workless Youngsters

RESPONDING to today's Assembly Government proposals to help more young people stay in school or college, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"We welcome any initiative to help young people reach their full potential.

"That said, after 12 years of Labour government thousands of youngsters in Wales are not in education, employment or training.


Pembrokeshire Schools Need Bike Racks To Encourage Kids To Exercise

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies is pressing for more local secondary schools to provide bike racks for pupils so they can cycle to school.

If schools did more to encourage cycling it would not only help pupils to stay fit but would also help to ease traffic congestion, he says.

But Mr Davies, who is also shadow Welsh education minister, has heard from parents who won't send their kids to school by bike because there's nowhere dry and secure for them to leave their cycles.


Campaign Launched To Get Rid Of Wolfscastle's Dangerous Eyesore

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies is supporting a campaign by a north Pembrokeshire village to get a dangerous eyesore removed.

Wolfscastle has won the Wales in Bloom competition five times and has been nominated for Britain In Bloom, but residents feel an ugly rusting sewage pipe across the river spoils the village.

They also fear it's dangerous as youngsters try to cross the river by walking along the top.

"The Community Council, the local WI and the primary school in the village have joined forces to ask Welsh Water to consider re‐siting this pipe and I am happy to support them," said Mr Davies.


09 November 2009

Research Reveals That New Cinema Would Be Just The Ticket To Revive Pembroke Dock

New research has revealed that a cinema would be just the ticket to revive Pembroke Dock.

A survey of 1,000 residents throughout Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire showed that a cinema and more boutique-style shops are the two things that would draw most people to the town.

"We commissioned the survey after meeting Pembroke Dock Chamber of Trade and discussing its concerns about the future of the town," explained Conservative parliamentary candidate Simon Hart.

"Like many other small towns, Pembroke Dock is going through a tough time and we wanted to find out exactly what would make people most likely to choose to visit or shop there."

The research carried out by ORB amongst a representative sample of 1000 voters throughout the constituency asked people to choose the top two attractions from a list that would most likely bring them into Pembroke Dock.

A cinema came out as the biggest draw with 36 per cent saying it would make them visit, followed by more boutique-style shops at 31 per cent.

"The findings are fascinating," said South Pembrokeshire AM Angela Burns. "I've reported back to the chamber of trade and while it's going to be difficult to attract a cinema, the chamber of trade can take heart from the popularity of more boutique-style shops."


05 November 2009

Calls On Assembly Government To Halt Rates Uncertainty

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies says local companies must have their business rates uncertainty put to an end.

Commercial properties from petrol stations to post offices have just received their five-yearly revaluation notice on which their new rates bill will be decided. On average businesses in Pembrokeshire are looking at a hike of at least 30%. But they won't know until next Spring what the final bill will be.

"I have heard from a number of businesses who are very concerned about the future," said Mr Davies.


Am Witnesses Bluestone's Rise From Muddy Field To Multi Million Pound Tourist Attraction

The transformation of a muddy field into a multi‐million pound tourist attraction has been praised by Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

Mr Davies visited the site of Bluestone soon after ground breaking work began three years ago.

He was invited back for a revisit and bowled over by what has arisen out of the mud.


Teens' Train Petition Taken To Assembly

A TEENS' train petition which attracted more than 1,000 signatures in six weeks has been handed into the Welsh Assembly by Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

Sam Faulkner and Joanne Griffiths, both from Moylegrove, launched the petition calling for a more trains between Fishguard and Carmarthen.

The fifteen‐year‐olds collected 1,317 signatures via a website and paper petitions put up in shops and cafes in and around Fishguard.


Ambulance Car U-Turn Welcomed By AM

A U‐turn on cuts to Pembrokeshire's volunteer car ambulance service has been welcomed by Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

The service relies on an army of volunteers to ferry patients without cars or access to public transport to and from hospital.

But it was told at one point that it would have to dramatically reduce its mileage because it was giving more lifts than it was contracted to provide.


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