March 2009

19 March 2009

Pembrokeshire Misses Out On Green Transport Cash - Again!

Pembrokeshire has been ignored for the second year running in a hand out of green transport cash, says Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

The Labour-Plaid Welsh Assembly Government has announced £95 million worth of Transport Grants to county councils aimed at developing sustainable transport – but none of the money is coming to Preseli Pembrokeshire.

Last year Pembrokeshire won one of the smallest payouts of any county in Wales, with just one scheme in Preseli Pembrokeshire winning a grant.


Vice Chancellor's Pay Deal Sends Out Wrong Message

COMMENTING on today's reports that university vice chancellors in Wales are to receive pay rises of up to 13.6%, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"It does not seem sensible to give vice chancellors these sorts of pay increases in the current economic climate or with the funding gap between Welsh and English universities running into tens of millions of pounds.


18 March 2009

Students And Universities Must Reach Full Potential

COMMENTING on today's Assembly Government statement on university funding and student fees, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"Now that Labour and Plaid Cymru have decided to introduce top-up fees in Wales we need assurances that this will not act as a barrier to students fulfilling their potential.

"The Higher Education sector plays an important role in the economic and cultural development of Wales and must also be allowed to prosper.


17 March 2009

HE Funding Plans Must Not Erect Barriers To Learning

SPEAKING ahead of tomorrow's Assembly Government statement on tuition fees and in response to today's Higher Education Funding Council for Wales allocations to universities in Wales, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"A thriving university sector is vital for the Welsh economy, particularly during difficult economic times such as the current recession.

"Yet year after year the Assembly Government has failed to put sufficient money into Higher Education in Wales. And year after year the funding gap with England and Scotland has widened.


14 March 2009

Pembrokeshire Sixth Formers Being Let Down By Lack Of Funding

Welsh Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies says Pembrokeshire's sixth formers are being let down by a lack of funding.

The Preseli Pembrokeshire AM is concerned by Welsh Assembly Government plans to reorganise post 16 education in Wales.

The Labour- Plaid coalition has reduced 6th form funding in Wales by 7.43 per cent.


13 March 2009

Local AM Backs Hard-Hitting Television Ad To End Organ Donor Crisis In Wales

Paul Davies AM is urging his constituents to get behind a hard‐hitting TV campaign which graphically depicts a  young child on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant. The advert, which premiered on Welsh TV screens last week
(Thursday, March 12), urged viewers to join the Organ Donor Register.

The Save Siân Campaign was launched on World Kidney Day as part of the Kidney Wales Foundation's Donate Wales – 'Tell a Loved One' organ donation drive. It has been funded by a £70,000 grant from the Welsh Assembly
Government as well as additional funding from Kidney Wales.


TIR Gofal Suffering Because Funds Diverted To Organic Farming, Says AM

The Tir Gofal agri-environment scheme is suffering because funds are being diverted to organic farming, say Pembrokeshire's Assembly Members.

The oversubscribed agricultural stewardship scheme has been made much harder to qualify for – and funding has been diverted to encouraging farmers to go organic.

"Why do you need to get all of these farmers to go organic?" South Pembrokeshire AM Angela Burns asked Agriculture Minister Elin Jones in the Senedd.


AM Welcomes Funding To Combat Domestic Abuse

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has welcomed a £60,000 budget set aside by the county council to tackle domestic abuse.

Mr Davies revealed a shocking six-fold increase in the number of calls to the local Women's Aid charity earlier this year.

The funding news came in the same week that a Saundersfoot man, Arthur Pitt-Pladdy, was sentenced to serve 18 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend by stabbing her 177 times.


10 March 2009

Welsh Language Business Grant To Be Scrapped

THE business grant from the Welsh Language Board will cease at the end of this month, Welsh Conservatives can reveal.

The grant was designed to help businesses across Wales increase bilingualism.

Member of the Welsh Language LCO committee Darren Millar AM said he was shocked at the news. He added:

"I am stunned that in a matter of weeks businesses across Wales will no longer have access to this grant.


Eisteddfod Funding Fails To Address Longer Term Concerns

COMMENTING on today's news of additional financial support for the National Eisteddfod, Shadow Minister for the Welsh language Paul Davies AM said:

"Welsh Conservatives are fully committed to supporting the National Eisteddfod and have called on the minister to give this issue full consideration for some time.


06 March 2009

Pembrokeshire's Pensioners Unfairly Hit By Council Tax

Pembrokeshire's pensioners are paying an unfair amount of council tax, says Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

Council tax bills in the county have just risen by 4.2 per cent after a second low annual settlement to the County Council by the Welsh Assembly Government.
This means that council tax will eat up almost a quarter of an average state pensioner's monthly income.

"Two years of poor settlements from Cardiff means that the Assembly Government has put councils in a precarious position and forced them to raise bills even higher," said Mr Davies.


Powys Schools Funding Crisis Could Be Tip Of The Iceburg

COMMENTING on today's claims that 30 teaching posts could be lost in Powys due to growing pressures on school budgets, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"This could well be the tip of a much larger iceberg. Schools and local authorities have to make some very difficult decisions in order to balance the books over the next 12 months.


05 March 2009

Rising Neet Figures Unacceptable, Says AM

An increase in the number of youngsters in Wales not in education, employment or training (called NEETs) is unacceptable, says Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies.

The Preseli Pembrokeshire AM says that more must be done to help people get the best start in life.

"It is essential that governments, at all levels, helps young people to realise their dreams, rather than place barriers in their way," he told the Senedd.


Don't Cut Off Transport Lifeline, Says AM

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies is campaigning to keep Pembrokeshire's Town Rider service on the move.

The dial-a-ride service, which operates in five county towns, runs out of funding this month. Mr Davies is now lobbying the Welsh Assembly Government to continue supporting the service which has provided nearly 10,000 passenger journeys in the past year.

"More than 500 people, most of them aged over 80 and all with mobility issues, rely on the excellent service provided by the Town Rider scheme," he said.


Ministers Acting Too Late To Tackle Neets Problem

COMMENTING on today's launch of a new Assembly Government scheme to address the issue of young people not in education, employment or training, Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"While we welcome any additional help to give children the best start in life, the fact remains that the number of young people not in education, employment or training has been rising over recent years.


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