February 2009

28 February 2009

WI Puts Transport In Spotlight

*Pembrokeshire's transport links were put in the spotlight by the county's Federation of Women's Institutes.

Around 50 people quizzed a panel which included Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies, Michael Vaughan from Arriva Trains, Bert Dix from Silcox Coaches, bio fuel expert Daniel Blackburn and Ceri Rees from Pembrokeshire County Council at Letterston Village Hall last week (Feb 26).


Fears That West Wales Will Miss Out On New Trains

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies has expressed concern that west Wales may not be served by the newest fleet of InterCity trains – beacause they could be too long.

At the moment there is a daily InterCity service between Carmarthen and Paddington but it could be under threat because the new Super Express trains may not fit on the tracks.

The new coaches, which come into service in 2015, will be 10ft longer than current coaches to save weight and increase seating. But the increased length mean they overhang further when going round curves and track modifications
will be needed.


27 February 2009

Paul Davies Takes On Shadow Education Role

Preseli Pembrokeshire's AM Paul Davies has been appointed the Welsh Shadow Education Minister.

Mr Davies will also continue with his previous role as Minister with responsibility for the Welsh language.

"I am delighted to have been appointed to such an important job and am looking forward to getting to grips with my new portfolio," said Mr Davies.


23 February 2009

AM Welcomes New Leisure Centre

Haverfordwest's new £8 million sports centre could help the town economically as well as physically, says Shadow Welsh sports minister Paul Davies.

The Preseli Pembrokeshire AM says the St Thomas Green facility will not only help people stay in shape but could also help boost the top of town.

"My office is just a stone's throw from the new building and I have been watching with interest as it has gone up over the last year," said Mr Davies.


21 February 2009

AM Welcomes Campaign To Stamp Out Hate Crime

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has added his weight to a campaign to stamp out hate crime.

He is pictured visiting a stand run by Haverfordwest Neighbourhood Policing Teams at Pembrokeshire College which highlighted the issue.


20 February 2009

Extra Ambulance Money Welcome, But It Wont Cure All Ills

Extra funding for the Welsh Ambulance Service to help improve emergency response times has been welcomed by Pembrokeshire's Assembly Members.

Angela Burns and Paul Davies were concerned that almost half of ambulances responding to 999 calls in the county took more than eight minutes to arrive in December.

Just 53.6 per cent of 999 calls were answered within eight minutes. The target figure is 65 per cent.


08 February 2009

Closure Of Test Centre This Week Is 'Huge Blow To Area' Which May Lead To Job Losses, Says AM

This week's closure of the driving test centre at Haverfordwest will be a huge blow to the area which could result in local jobs being lost, says Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

The centre at Withybush is being closed on Sunday (February 15) and those wanting to take tests to drive lorries or buses will have to travel to Neath for the exam instead.

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has been told that it won't be feasible to train bus drivers for a test route so far away and as a result job opportunities could be lost to local drivers.


07 February 2009

AM Presses For More Broadband Connections

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies has pressed the Welsh Assembly Government for better broadband connections in the County.

A number of businesses and householders in north Pembrokeshire have approached Mr Davies because they are unable to access the fast internet service.


Pembrokeshire Orthodontist Shortage Raised In Senedd

The concerns of Pembrokeshire parents who cannot get orthodontic treatment for their children have been taken to the Welsh health minister by Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

Several parents have been in touch with Mr Davies to say that waiting lists are too long for orthodontists.

"I have received several letters and e-mails from parents who are concerned about shortfalls in orthodontic treatment," he told Health Minister Edwina Hart in the Senedd.


05 February 2009

Answers Sought Over Scrapping Of ITV Signing Service

RESPONDING to the news that ITV have decided to drop sign language bulletins from its flagship news programme, Shadow Culture Minister Paul Davies said:

"I am very concerned by the decision taken to stop sign language bulletins on ITV's main news programme.

"I have written to the Director of Ofcom in Wales and the Director of ITV Wales to express to them my disappointment and to try and get some further information on the situation.


Half Of Ambulances Fail To Reach Patients Within Eight Minutes

Pembrokeshire's Conservative Assembly Members have expressed concern that almost half of ambulances responding to 999 calls in the county take more than eight minutes to arrive.

Ambulance response times for Wales as a whole fell to their worst ever level in December.

In Pembrokeshire just 53.6 per cent of 999 calls were answered within eight minutes. The target figure is 65 per cent.


Pembrokeshire's AMs Welcome Power Station News

Pembrokeshire's Conservative Assembly Members have welcomed the news that RWE nPower has got permission to build a power station at Pembroke. The gas-fired plant is expected to provide 100 full time jobs once it is up and running and to pump £10million into the local economy every year.

Up to 2,000 workers will be needed to build the plant and Npower has reassured the county's Assembly Members that they expect a "significant" number of local workers to be employed.


02 February 2009

AM Dismayed As Health Minister Breaks Pledge And Plans To Megre Health Councils

Plans to scrap Pembrokeshire's Community Health Council (CHC) has been met with dismay by Conservative AM Paul Davies.

Health Minister Edwina Hart has announced plans to merge Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire's CHCs into one larger organisation.

This goes directly against what she told Mr Davies just seven months ago.


Welsh Language Law Must Not Erect Economic Barriers

COMMENTING on today's publication of proposals for new Welsh language legislation, Shadow Heritage Minister Paul Davies AM said:

"We will study the Assembly Government's long-delayed proposals in detail.

"All the significant developments in the Welsh language have come under Conservative governments, and we must ensure any legislation builds on the achievements of Lord Wyn Roberts in this area.


01 February 2009

AM Gets 'Inside' View Of Policing

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies has gone "inside" thanks to Dyfed-Powys police force.

He's not spent a spell in prison but rather got an insider's view of life in today's police force.

He's taking part in the Assembly Police Scheme which aims to enable politicians see policing from behind-the-scenes.

"I spent a day at police headquarters in Llangunnor learning about the different tasks of the police force," said Mr Davies.


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