April 2008

02 April 2008

Council Tax Ultimate Stealth Tax, Claim Welsh Conservatives

Council tax in Pembrokeshire has gone up by more than 75 per cent in the last ten years.

Band D properties in the county have seen a 76 per cent hike from £451 in 1997/98 to £796 in 2007/8.

Across Wales, average bills have doubled over the same period, posing the question from the Welsh Conservatives: "Council Tax has doubled under Labour. Where has all your money gone?"

"Pembrokeshire does have the lowest council tax rate in Wales, but it also has some of the lowest paid workers as well," said Welsh Conservative council candidate for Wiston David Howlett.


Not Spot Consultancy Money "A Waste of Resources"

A QUARTER of a million pound Welsh Assembly contract to discover how to solve the "broadband not spot" problem is a waste of money, says Paul Davies AM.

The £254,000 contract has been awarded to London-based accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers (correct) as part of a campaign to enable the whole of Wales to get broadband.

However local experts say that the money would be better spent on installing direct solutions to the problem rather than yet more advice on solving the problem.


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